• Meet a Mentor

    Programme 3

    Our third programme was delivered in partnership with Create Jobs.

  • Session Dates

    Session 1: Tuesday 25th April 2017

    Session 2: Tuesday 16th May 2017

    Session 3: Wednesday 14th June 2017

    Session 4: Wednesday 12th July 2017


    SLP Mentor information session: Monday 27th March 2017, 6 - 7.30pm.


    SLP Mentee recruitment session 1: Monday 3rd April 2017, 4 - 6pm.

    SLP Mentee recruitment session 2: Wednesday 5th April 2017, 6 - 7.30pm.


  • Session Details

    Each session comprised time for the mentor and mentee to spend together working on the mentee’s goals, a group task led by a creative professional — e.g. creative problem solving, pitching & presenting techniques, digital skills training that all take part in. The sessions end on a short ted-type talk from an inspirational speaker who has a tale to tell about their job and their journey to get there.



    Jane Austin (Persuasion PR)

    Kate Brindley (Nicholas Kirkwood)

    Nikita Chauhan (Somethin' Else)

    Nan Davies (Somethin’ Else)

    Dan Gaba (Wall Street Journal)

    Sophie Hewlett (Serious)

    Amy Jones (The Pool)

    Louise Nindi (Freelance Event Producer)

    Paul Ruston (Somethin' Else)

    Adam Sefton (Reading Room)

    Caroline Taylor (Silverspace Pillows)

    Matthew Taylor (Freelance Shoe Designer, Paul Smith, Puma Select)

    Megan Taylor (Selfridges)

    Oliver Franklin-Wallis (Wired)

    Robi Walters (Artist)

    Tuesday 25th April 2017

    Image by Emilie Dubois

    In the first session of the third programme, mentees and mentors were welcomed to the programme and the venue space, A New Direction and Somethin' Else. The mentees and mentors were given the task of finding their mentee or mentor pair before settling down get to know each other and set goals. The session included a networking section, which encouraged the participants to get to know each other and hone their networking skills. The evening ended with a talk from Zoe Sands, Senior Publicist at Sony Pictures UK. The talk was titled, 'An Inadvertent Journey: From Office Temp to Red Carpet Regular.'

    Tuesday 16th May 2017

    Image by Latoyah Louise Gayle

    Our second session at the Reading Room launched with one-to-ones between the mentees and mentors. This included updates where the pairs set further goals. The pairings fed back to the group, sharing successes and pitfalls. This then led to the 'Life's a Pitch' session, which was back by popular demand and led by Somethin' Else's Hannah Lury. The session included ten top tips for pitching and allowed the groups to add their own creative flair to a radio show pitch. The evening ended with a interview-style talk, 'Nikita Chauhan in conversation with her mentee, Antonia Odunlami'. The talk covered Antonia's career progression, passions and her role as the Music Editor and founding member of gal-dem.

    Wednesday 14th June 2017

    Image by Emilie Dubois

    The third session of programme 3 took place at Somerset House and began with one-to-one catch ups between the mentees and their mentors. The pairings shared their latest updates and what they had learnt from each other. This segued into the evening's workshop 'Capturing and sharing the world’s moments.... whilst adding value to your brand' led by Teneo Blue Rubicon's Managing Director, Kathryn Hull. Kathryn introduced key concepts when using Instagram to build brand presence. The evening ended with a lively talk by Visual Storyteller, Harris Elliott. Titling his talk 'Fly Your Own Flag' Harris reminisced about his exhibition - held at Somerset House - 'Return of the Rudeboy’, which launched 3 years to the week of his talk. Harris also offered advice about carving out a freelance career and going from "Rags to more rags to some change to more rags to paper and back to rags.”

    Wednesday 12th July 2017

    Image by Emilie Dubois

    The fourth and final session of the programme was held at Made by Many and began a one-to-one session between the mentees and mentors. This was a chance to reflect on the programme and the goals the mentees had set before the start of the programme. The skills session titled, ''Identifying brand values' was led by Made by Many's Charlotte Hillenbrand and Vivienne Berryman. The session used the Meet a Mentor programme as a case for brand analysis. The evening ended with a talk by Chris Pearce, CEO of TMW Unlimited. The talk, titled 'And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?' charted his career in advertising.

  • Audio

    Get inspired by all of our guest speaker talks here!

  • Create Jobs

    Following the success of our second programme, we partnered with Create Jobs for a second time to deliver our 3rd Meet a Mentor programme. Create Jobs is an employability programme that aims to recruit young Londoners into the create industries.